What is Project SUCCESS?

Project SUCCESS is a model program designed to prevent and decrease substance use among students 12 to 18 years of age and is recognized through the National Registry of Evidenced Based Programs and Practices. SRSLY partners with Project SUCCESS to provide school-wide activities to increase the perception of the harm of substance use, positively change social norms about substance use, and increase enforcement of and compliance with school policies and community laws.


A Breakdown of Project SUCCESS Responsibilities:

  • Meet with students in a support group or individual-based setting
  • Provide resources to students, parents & staff
  • Educate staff, students & parents on topics of concern
  • Conduct classroom presentations about substance abuse
  • Offer support to the students, teachers & parents
  • Facilitate school-wide assemblies and activities on topics surrounding substance use prevention
  • Serve as a member of the SRSLY Steering Committee

What can the Project SUCCESS Counselor help with?

Mrs. Michaela Buckhannon is the Project SUCCESS counselor for the Chelsea School District. She is available to meet* with students at Beach Middle School and Chelsea High School who may be dealing with issues that are interfering with their "success" in school. Examples include but aren't limited to: relationships, grief, divorce, depression, anxiety, stress or substance use/abuse (including the student's own use, someone else's use, peer pressure to use, pro-use attitudes, or a decision to stay clean and sober). Meetings with students may occur in an individual setting or as a support group.

Parents may contact Mrs. Buckhannon any time during the school year* to discuss concerns they have regarding their student. Based on that meeting, a referral will be made. Examples of referrals might be for the student to attend group through Project SUCCESS, work with Mrs. Buckhannon or a different counselor at the school individually to develop positive coping skills, seek outside counseling, practice conflict resolution, and/or drug assessment and screening.

*Due to schools being closed for the rest of the 2019-20 school year, Mrs. Buckhannon is unable to meet with students at this time.

What's the difference between what SRSLY does and what Project SUCCESS does?

SRSLY does universal prevention, which means the coalition focuses on strategies that benefit the entire population of students as a whole, while Project SUCCESS does more targeted prevention and provides support to individual students who may have higher risk factors.

SRSLY also focuses on primary prevention, which means trying to reach youth before substance use may start, while Project SUCCESS does some secondary prevention, meaning preventing substance use from continuing and getting worse.

Together, SRSLY and Project SUCCESS provide multiple levels of prevention strategies to students in the Chelsea community.

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