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The Coalition

SRSLY Chelsea is a community coalition of youth, parents, neighbors, teachers, librarians, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, religious leaders, local businesses, civic group members, and anyone else who wants to prevent youth substance use in Chelsea. More than 1500 people have donated time and energy to the coalition over the past 10 years. Anyone age 10 and up can join by working on a project, helping at an event, or coming to a meeting. Our strength comes from our members as we work to create positive changes in our community.

SRSLY follows a primary prevention model, which means we aim to stop substance use before it ever starts. That's why we focus our efforts on youth ages 10-15. SRSLY uses multiple strategies across multiple sectors to address the root causes of substance abuse.

Interested in joining? We'd love to have you! Our meetings are held throughout the school year. Check the events calendar for meeting times and locations. If you can’t make it to a meeting, but you’d still like to help out, email us at info@srslychelsea.org.

History of Community Support

SRSLY was founded in 2008 by a group of community leaders and concerned citizens. The Chelsea community was struggling with youth substance abuse, despite having introduced a number of programs and interventions. School-based programs were already teaching students about the negative consequences of substance abuse, so SRSLY was developed as a positive compliment to the school programs. As a community coalition, SRSLY could implement community-wide strategies so that parents and other adults could help address the problem.

The Coghlan Family Foundation recognized the need for something new and different that could create positive, community-wide change. With leaders from St. Joseph Mercy Chelea and the Chelsea School District, the Coghlans put forth a vision for a community-based prevention initiative and the necessary resources to support such an initiative. The combined energy of the foundation, hospital and schools inspired leaders from other key community sectors to get involved.

SRSLY's Strategic Plan

SRSLY uses the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), as a guide to plan, implement, and evaluate prevention practices and programs. SPF assists community coalitions in developing the infrastructure needed for community-based, public health approaches that can lead to effective and sustainable reductions in alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use and abuse.

All SRSLY activities are guided by our strategic plan and needs assessment, which are completed every four years. Our most recent assessment and plan were completed in spring 2017. Click here to view the 2017-2020 SRSLY Strategic Plan (PDF) and click here to view our Logic Model (PDF).

  • Substance Abuse Problems:

    • Alcohol
    • Marijuana
    • Prescription Medicine Abuse and Misuse

  • Priority Protective Factors:

    • Parental disapproval
    • Peer disapproval
    • Opportunities for pro-social family involvement
    • Opportunities for pro-social community involvement

  • Priority Risk Factors:

    • Ease of access to substances
    • Low perception of risk
    • Norms favorable to substance use

Seven Strategies for Effective Community Change

SRSLY uses the seven strategies defined by Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) for effective community change. Our priority substances, risk factors, and protective factors guide the activities we implement for each strategy.

Here are some examples of the strategies and activities currently being implemented in Chelsea:

  1. Provide Information – Project Sticker Shock
  2. Build Skills – Guiding Good Choices, Youth Empowerment Solutions
  3. Provide Support – Fun, substance-free events for youth and families, such as SRSLY Cinema and our New Year's Eve Party
  4. Enhance Barriers/Access – Responsible server training
  5. Modify Policies - Advocating for policies that prevent youth substance abuse
  6. Change Consequences – CTZN of the Month and member recognition
  7. Change the Physical Environment – Big Red Barrel medicine return
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